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2019 WBSA Sponsored Baseball Programs

Spring Only

  • 13U Babe Ruth - Fairfield District (Winter Registration)
  • 15U Babe Ruth - Fairfield District (Winter Registration)

Spring & Summer Teams

  • 13U Select - Babe Ruth Xtreme+ NY Elite or East Shore League (January Tryout)

Summer Teams

  • 13U Xtreme Babe Ruth - (May Tryout)
  • 15U Legion - CT Zone 4 (December Tryout)
  • 17U Jr Legion - CT Zone 4 (December Tryout)
  • 19U Sr Legion - CT Zone 4 (December Tryout)

Fall Teams

  • 13U Babe Ruth - Fairfield District (Summer Registration)
  • 14U Legion - CT Zone 4 (August Tryout)
  • 16U Jr Legion - CT Zone 4 (August Tryout)
  • 18U Sr Legion - CT Zone 4 (August Tryout)



‚ÄčProgram Descriptions

13U Select Travel Team: This team will play a scheduled that incorporates a combination of Xtreme Babe Ruth, East Shore League or Greater Hudson Valley League.   The expectation is the 13U Select team is designed for the best 13 year old players independent of school grade.  
The coaches will be paid professionals, with years of experience coaching youth baseball, and instruction is expected to be intense. These teams will have 1 or 2 practices a week and up to 3 games per weekend, as well as some travel tournaments, depending on the interest and availability of the players. The season runs from early April through the end of July. On these teams, the skill level will be advanced, and the players should have a high level of interest in playing an intense schedule. Think of this program as the town path to preparing boys for high school baseball.
Those that do not make a Select team would still be invited to play on a spring Babe Ruth House team.
“House” Babe Ruth Teams: Wilton will field teams at the 13U and 15U levels, and organize as many teams as needed to accommodate all registered players. The Babe Ruth House season runs from early April to mid June. Play is against other local Babe Ruth House teams throughout Fairfield County.  Play is on the full sized field, and comes with paid professional coaches with years of experience, and a high level of instruction. The level of play will be less competitive than East Shore and is ideal for the more casual player who enjoys baseball, but does not expect to play in high school. We anticipate one practice and 2 games a week.  A 13 year old a player could be placed on either the 13U or 15U team, depending on his skill level, and the number of registrations.
13U / 15U Xtreme Summer Babe Ruth: A summer travel team will be formed at the end of the spring House Babe Ruth season for 13 year old players looking to continue their season through July.  The summer Xtreme schedule will be again stronger competition than the spring and rosters will be formed through a try-out at the end of the Spring Season.  The ability to form these summer teams is dependant on the level of player interest.
15U Legion baseball: Legion is the next age level up that promotes the most competitive environment. 15U legion is broadly designed with the high school freshman team players in mind.  Some 14 year old 8th graders may play up to the 15U Legion team
17U Junior Legion and 19U Senior Legion teams:  The 17U Junior Legion team targets JV players, while the 19U Senior Legion team targets varsity players and returning college players (in the summer).  The coaching on all levels of Legion is professional, knowledgeable and intense, with the objective of developing high school players at all levels.

2019  "Baseball Age" Definitions:

Babe Ruth
13U - Birthdays between May 1, 2005 and August 31, 2006
15U - Birthdays between May 1, 2003 and April 30, 2005



A player's Legion age is based on their age on December 31 of the current year.

15U - Born in 2004 or later

17U - Born in 2002 or later
19U - Born in 2000 or later
The age groups above represent the maximum age of the player.  Players may "play up" to an older age group based on ability.  For example the 14U team may be comprised of 13 and 14 year olds.